Nicholas Roerich. Madonna Oriflamma, 1932.

Uta from Naumburg (Germany).
The statue in Naumburg Cathedral. Made in middle of century 13.

A fragment of ornament on an ancient Indian casket.

Hans Memling. Christ Surrounded by Musician Angels, 1475.

Christ the Almighty (The Savior). Byzantine icon of 6th century.

Bust of St. Nicholas (Basilica of St. Nicholas, Bari, Italia), c.a. 1670.

Interior of Temple of Heaven in Peking. You can find the sign inside and outside of temple.

Buddhist temple in South Korea.

Buddhist temple in Seoul, South Korea.

Tokugawa mausoleum. Japan.

Temple in Kobe, Japan.

One of many Tibetan and Nepalese traditional rings.

The sign was used by Tamerlan (Timor) as state seal. In this engraving you can see the symbol on Tamerlan`s crown.

Ancient Central Asiatic warrior helmet

(The Metropolitan Museum of Art).

Vase. Bosporan Kingdom (3rd 1st century BC).

Shield centre-piece.

Bosporan Kingdom (6th 4th century BC).

Buckle of a belt (Late Iron Age, Curonians).
Latvian National Historical museum.

Newgrange, a prehistoric monument located in County Meath,

on the eastern side of Ireland (dated c.a. 3100 and 2900 BC).

Titian. Burial, 1572.

Samarkand Coat of arms.

Plafond of Carmelite church in Lviv, Ukraine.

Outside relief of the Cathedral in Helsinki, Finland.

Fragments of the DOM Cathedral in Riga, Latvia.